Achievements of the NZCAC


Position Statements

The New Zealand Companion Animal Council supports the permanent identification of all companion animals through the implantation of microchips and registration on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.

Codes of Welfare

Much of the focus of the Council has been the formation of writing groups from its membership base to draft Codes of Welfare for submission to the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC). These codes provide minimum standards for animals that are expected in law, in addition to recommended best practices acting as useful educational information for animal guardians.

Codes of Welfare have included:
(Companion Cats) Code of Welfare 2007
(Dogs) Code of Welfare 2010
Temporary Housing of Companion Animals 2014

In addition the NZCAC has produced summary documents for both the Animal Welfare (Companion Cats) Code of Welfare 2007 and the Animal Welfare (Dogs) Code of Welfare 2010. These booklets can be downloaded from the publications section of our website.

research publications

The NZCAC has produced a number of publications on companion animals. Click here to access them.

Annual Conferences

These have been held since 1990 throughout New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Rotorua, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Nelson and have included inspirational International speakers from the UK, USA and Australia in addition to leading companion animal experts from New Zealand.

Full details of the next conference appear on this website together with booking mechanisms when appropriate.

Exhibitors are also welcome at the NZ Companion Animal Conferences, and the full technical details are also available on this website.

For conference details and information about previous conferences, click the "OTHER CONTENT" menu in the top menu bar. 

New Zealand Companion Animal Register

As microchipping has become more common place and in the case of dogs a legal requirement, the NZCAC recognised there was a need for a suitable New Zealand based animal repatriation system. With this in mind we have created the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.

All profits from the Register go back to the NZCAC, who will distribute these amongst various animal welfare charities as well as using the funds to promote the causes of companion animal protection and welfare.

For more information on the Companion Animal Council or to find out about making an application for funding click here.