Previous Award Winners

The previous recipients include (in alphabetical order):

A unique organisation presentation acknowledging the work of Alley Cat Allies, founded in 1990, pioneering TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) for stray and colony cats in the United States.  (Presented to Will Gomaa on behalf of)

Rich AVANZINO, Pharm.D., LLB., (2014)
Presented to recognise 38 years of service to the animals as President of SPCA, San Francisco (1076-1999) and Maddie’s Fund (both USA) with his pioneering shelter management and revolutionary ‘no kill’ policy.

Jonathan BALCOMBE,  PhD., M.Sc., B.Sc.Hons   (2011)
Author and animal activist, Jonathan has influenced many through his writings and presentations, communicating and sharing his knowledge of the animal mind and how we should recognise and encourage their natural pleasures in our world.

Val BALL, MNZM, (2008)
President of the Wairarapa SPCA for over 16 years, Senior Shorthair Cat Judge, deeply involved in community work including Victim Support, Youth Aid and Women's Refuge, and active 'First Strike' advocate.

David BARBOUR, (2012)
In recognition of 40 years service with the Ministry of Primary Industry (previously MAF) as Livestock Instructor, Endemic Disease Controller, and effective in reducing stock losses on live sheep exports to the Middle East.

Debbie BARKER (2011)
Founder of the Auckland Horse Haven to assist retired and neglected horses. Debbie suffered an equine accident resulting in serious brain damage which has not deterred her in her continuing efforts to help horses in need, epitomising that adversity can be overcome.

Anne BATLEY-BURTON, (2007)
For her contribution to the welfare of stay and colony cats in Auckland, and for her generous financial support to welfare organisations including WSPA, SPCA and Animals Asia.

David A C BAYVELL, BVMS., MRCVS., DTVM., MACVSc., MPP   (2011)
Presented following an International career in animal welfare, and with MAF in New Zealand providing 22 years of dedicated service, culminating as Director of Animal Welfare, in addition to outstanding contributions both to local and International organisations and committees.

Marc BEKOFF, PhD., Professor Emeritus. (2009)
Presented in acknowledgement of his outstanding contribution to the perception that ˜animals have and are souls", possess feelings, and have a sense of moral justice, through his studies and writings, and extending a global understanding of animal behaviour.

Ross BLANKS,  BVSc  (2010)
For his contribution to the veterinary profession, past Chairman of the NZCAC, and Chairman of SPCA Canterbury, and dedicated champion for animal welfare.

Johanna BRENS, QSM, (2012)
Hearing impaired founder of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in New Zealand and the National Hearing Dogs Training Centre in New Plymouth, recognising her services to animal welfare and the deaf community.

Betty CHAPMAN (2013)
Presented to 86 year old cat carer, Betty Chapman, caring for a small colony of cats in Pahia, who battled through the efforts of the local Council to have the colony exterminated illustrating compassionate fortitude against the odds.

David COOPER (2015)
Affectionately known as ‘the fish man’ David Copper’s ambition is to raise the profile of fish and their welfare delivering the country’s only formal qualification system and is currently working on a consumer accreditation programme for ornamental fish.

Arnja DALE,  BSc, GDipHE, MSc, MSc (Hons) (2013)
Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare and Curriculum Leader at Unitec, Director SPCA Auckland, Chair the Link (Aotearoa) and the NZCAC, presented in recognition of her educational skills in teaching future generations of animal welfarists.

Peter DAVIES, CB.  (2007)
Peter Davies looms large on the International scene, his animal welfare career including chairmanship of Freedom Foods and Director General of the RSPCA (UK) and WSPA (International)

Ritchie DAWSON, (2014)
Senior inspector with SPCA Wellington  with over 20 years of dedicated service incorporating specialist disaster situations including the Samoan Tsunami and the Christchurch earthquake.

Peter DORMON  (2011)
Presented to recognise his contribution to stray cats in the Auckland Region for over 20 years and  the establishment of the Lonely Miaow Association responsible for assisting over 8,000 cats during his tenure.

Joyce D’SILVA, BSc (Dublin)  (2013)
Former CEO and currently Ambassador Compassion in World Farming (UK), and International adviser, Joyce D’Silva played a key role in the banning of sow stalls in the UK an in achieving recognition of animal sentience in the European Union Treaties.

Danielle DUFFIELD, (2012)
Student responsible for banning factory farmed products on Campus, founder of the Otago Student Animal Welfare Defence fund, active Internationally with the Dutch Party for the Animals, the only animal welfare political party in power (Holland).

Julie HARBEN- McKAY,  (2010)
Recognised for her tireless work in animal rescue through her unique sanctuary in the Brenderwyn Hills, and for providing solace to the elderly through the company of animals.

Pam HOWLETT, (2007)
For 36 years Pam Howlett has attended to over 3,000 birds annually in her home, rehabilitating and re-releasing them.   A founder member of Bird Rescue (later SPCA BirdWing).

Rolf JANSEN, (2012)
Pioneer pet shop retailer who created new benchmarks for the welfare of animals in pet shop retailing featuring veterinarians practising on site ensuring animal health standards were maintained for animals on site.

Elder JENKS (2015)
Since the mid-1990s Elder Jenks has worked tirelessly and successfully to save over 1,000 horses mustered by the Department of Conservation in the Kaimanawa Ranges.

Bob KERRIDGE, MNZM, KStJ, JP, FNZIM, BAppAnTech, (2009)
Founder of the NZ Companion Animal Council (NZCAC) Executive Director SPCA Auckland and Councillor RNZSPCA, NZ Director WSPA, author and animal campaigner, acknowledging his services to animal welfare in New Zealand.

Michele KERRIDGE, (2009)
Acknowledging through her celebrant work introducing ritual to and assisting with the staging of the NZCAC Award Dinners, and for outstanding support of animal welfare causes.

Hans KRIEK,  (2010)
As campaign director for SAFE, a dedicated ˜up-front" animal welfarist actively protesting against exploited animals, particularly those who are ˜factory farmed".

Lyn MacDONALD, QSO (2015)
Lyn MacDonald has dedicated her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of birds, including our native species, attending to an average number of 4,000 birds annually.

Jeffrey Moussaieff MASON, PhD  (2013)
An author of International repute on animal emotions and behaviour, Jeffrey Mason released his first Book, When Elephants Weep’ ,in 1995 and has since followed with many acclaimed titles, firmly entrenching him as a foremost author on the subject of animals.

Peter MASON, (2009)
As long serving National President of the Royal New Zealand SPCA, and International Board Secretary WSPA, together with many other positions of importance, Peter Mason is recognised for his influential and positive input to Animal Welfare in New Zealand.

Elly MAYNARD, (2009)
Founder of the Sirius Global Animal Trust to ban dogs from the human food chain, the organisation is the first to have consultative status for Domestic Companion Animals at the United Nations.   Elly Maynard is also recognised for other animal campaign work.

Ingrid MORRIS, (2016)
At the SPCA Canterbury for over 17 years, Ingrid is the first point of contact for the public and has developed extensive contacts and networks. She had a pivotal role during the Christchurch earthquakes when SPCA Canterbury hosted an Emergency Animal Response Centre.

Linda NUNN, (2009)
In recognition of her tireless animal welfare and conservation work, primarily on Auckland's North Shore, and the physical rescue of many hundreds of animals.

Marjorie ORR, BVSc., PhD (veterinary pathology)., BA.  (2011)
Recipient of NZ Veterinary Association, MAF and Royal New Zealand SPCA awards for services to animal welfare and the veterinary association. Her additional contributions to education and therapy pets is recognised with the Assisi Award.

Annie POTTS, BSc., PhD., (2014)
Co-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies at Canterbury University, and author of three books, ‘Chicken’, ‘A New Zealand Book of Beasts’ and ‘Animals in Emergencies’

Carolyn PRESS-McKENZIE, (2017)
Founder of HUHA (Helping You Help Animals), a safe haven for injured, neglected and abused animals and wildlife. Carolyn is also recognised for involvement in countless campaigns including the banning of animal testing (Be Cruelty Free), seeking legislation for the compulsory re-homing of ex-laboratory animals (Out of the Labs), and “Stop Breeding Puppies to Death”.

Carolyn RAVLICH, (2014)
Recognising a tireless volunteer caring for cat colonies and community cats in the Auckland Region with a special empathy for both animals and people.

JILL ROBINSON, MBE.,, (2007) + 25th year gold medal Assisi recipient (2014)
As the founder of Animals Asia Jill Robinson has been a passionate advocate for the animals saving countless bears in Asia from Bile Farming reaching new heights in 'hands-on' welfare work.

Betty ROWE (Posthumous),  (2008)
Founder of the Arapawa Wildlife Trust to protect the welfare of the historic Arapawa goats in a Marlborough island sanctuary created for their ongoing welfare along with other protected species over a period of 30 years.

Professor Peter SANKOFF,  (2008)
Senior lecturer in the Law Faculty of the University of Auckland, and co-founder of the animal advocacy group ARLAN, (Animal Rights Legal Network).   Active participant in legal reform issues to improve the status of animals.

Dr Helen SCHOFILED, BVSc, (2012, Posthumous)
Honoured for her services to the welfare of exotic animals through her rescue of animals from circus environments, and founder of the Franklin Zoo, a sanctuary she established for their benefit.  Killed tragically by a rescued elephant.

Victoria SKINNER, (2017)
Founder of The Outpawed Rescue Trust to improve outcomes for unsocialised and unowned cats and raise awareness of the issues facing stray and wild cats. Victoria is also recognised for her ongoing work with community desexing campaigns and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programmes.

Catherine SMITH, BVSc.  (2007)
For her contribution to the veterinary profession, vet nursing, animal education in Schools, and more latterly in wildlife preservation, Catherine Smith is also recognised as a founding member of the NZCAC.

Prof Kevin J STAFFORD, FACVS, FRVS, MVB (VCD), Msc (Edin), PHD., (2012)
Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Fellow of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, and Professor of Veterinary Ethology, Massey University, New Zealand, author and accomplished lecturer.

Julie THOMPSON,  (2008)
For her ongoing dedication to stray cats for over 20 years establishing a rescue centre at her home catering for up to 50 cats/kittens at any one time, in addition to attending to colony cats on Auckland's North Shore.

Robin THOMSON,  (2016)
Robin has fostered kittens for Cats Protection League Canterbury for nearly 30 years and is recognised as an expert in this field. She is now Kitten Co-ordinator for the organisation, passing on her vast knowledge and providing support to other fosterers.

Virginia WILLIAMS,  BVSc, MACVSc, Dip. Prof. Ethics  (2010)
Chair of the National Animal Ethics Committee, ex officio member National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, author and presenter of numerous animal ethics papers, and active participant in the NZVA, MAF and NZCAC, for services rendered.

Alan WILSON,  BSc (Canada),  (2013)
Starting his career as an inspector with the RSPCA UK, Alan Wilson emigrated to New Zealand to become an inspector, later Chief Inspector, with SPCA Auckland before joining MAF as team leader investigations compliance group.  Currently National Manager Inspectorate and Centre Support, RNZSPCA.

Hugh WIRTH, AM., KSJ., BVSc., Hon DVSc (Melb)., FAVA.  (2007)
Recognised for his immense contribution to animal welfare in Australia as an outstanding veterinarian, broadcaster, with over 35 years leading the RSPCA and for his International work with WSPA