Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The New Zealand Companion Animal Council (NZCAC) has approved the following Strategic Plan for the five-year period commencing 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2022.


"A nation that values, respects and responsibly cares for companion animals."

NZCAC Mission

To advance companion animal guardianship by influencing policy, codes of welfare and industry standards and promote a harmonious relationship between companion animals, the environment and people through the delivery of high quality research, advocacy and education.

NZCAC Definition of 'Companion Animal'

A companion animal is any animal that shares a living environment and relationship with humans.

The term ‘companion animal’ is an all-encompassing phraseology given to an entire spectrum of animals with whom interaction and/or companionship is enjoyed by humans, and where a responsible guardianship is established and accepted for their welfare by humans. Where it is accepted that this degree of ‘companionship’ will vary by species, the expression ‘companion animal’ acknowledges the important role all such animals play in our society.