NZCAR Application for Free Scanners


The FREE scanner giveaway is now concluded with all the free scanners donated around New Zealand.

The success of this campaign is such that we are keen to repeat it in the future. The goal is to look at doing this in 2018, subject to funding availability.

You are welcome to email the NZCAR if you would like to be advised when the new campaign is opening. To register an interest This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


nzcar scanner

The NZCAR campaign to donate 650 free microchip scanners throughout New Zealand cost over $100,000 in time and money. This investment has meant that scanners are now in a wide range of locations that are easily accessible to the public and mean more lost pets are getting home quicker.

The NZCAR thanks all those who have assisted with this project and we also thank all the recipients of scanners for their dedication in helping so many animals in New Zealand.